Friday, May 28, 2010

Rufus III

Rufus came with me to work on Thursday, and we spent the day down in New Mexico.
Telecomm Puppy!

What Bath?

Behold! The truly awesome destructive power of a 3 month old puppy. BP should have got a team of these suckers together, put them in little submersible suits, and sent them down after that oil well. They would have gnawed the blowout preventer into a useless mass, and stopped the flow.

Monday, May 24, 2010

River's Up!

The river's up, and boatin' season is on! I was lucky enough to get out twice this weekend. Warm and windy both days, with the air right at the perfect temperature for drinking beer. This is a shot of Capn' Dan sizing up the run just past the 32nd st bridge. Summer is on!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Got the Mish fix in early this year with an appearance at the "Waterfront Music Festival" held at everyone's favorite location on the Poudre River this past weekend. Check out this lineup!!!!

Wicked Messenger: An Allstar cast of Adam Aijala (Yonder Mountain String Band), Ben Kaufmann (Yonder Mountain String Band), Bill McKay (Leftover Salmon), Tyler Grant (Emmitt-Nershi Band), & Jay Elliott (Runaway Truck Ramp) perform an electric set of Grateful Dead music!

Adam Aijala & Ben Kaufmann play acoustic Bob Dylan

Head for the Hills (2 sets)

Greensky Bluegrass

Billy Nershi's Blue Planet


The Drew Emmitt Band

Swing Set featuring Dave Johnston of Yonder Mountain String Band

Pete Kartsounes Band with Guests

Spring Creek Bluegrass Band

White Water Ramble

Mountain Standard Time

The Grant Farm with

Benny Galloway, Tyler Grant, Andy Thorn, and Jordan Ramsey

Springdale Quartet

The overall quality of the bluegrass was phenomenal. I had never seen "Head for the Hills" before, and they Kicked Ass on Friday. A must see for sure - reminiscent of YMSB from a few years back.

Here's Dave w/ Blacdog, early on Friday.

Found this by the side of the road walking up the hill. Guess some dude finally had enough of this one.

Greensky Bluegrass tore the place down. Drew Emmit came out and traded licks on the Mando, instantly upping the bar for bluegrass this summer, and also instantly blowing our minds.

The guys finished the "acoustic set" with an electric "Maggis Farm" that rocked.

Uh-Oh, Umm, I think we're in trouble.... Behold - Shakedown Street, and LOUD!
They played a bunch of numbers with a Eurpoe '72 feel to them, as well as a nice 'Eyes'. Ben was dropping bombs all night long, and the overall sound was FANTASTIC! For the encore, they brought out three fiddle players and ran down a wicked version of "Kashmir".

100% pure awesomeness!

Rufus II

Holy Smokes! Anyone want to buy a slightly used Golden-Doodle puppy? This little sucker has me runnin'. He's pretty good until he turns into snarly-bite-dog. He's gonna start getting the kennel for a few minutes of "Wine-out" to turn his mood around. You gotta watch these things like a hawk. High priority for the weekend is completion of the dog run - for my sanity's sake. ;-)

Here's a couple of good picutres of Erica and the beast.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


New pup, Rufus. A little Golden-Doodle. He's a smart little guy - maybe too smart. He's a pain in the ass, but a lot of fun as well.

Here he is, mastering the "Puppy Leap"

Monday, May 3, 2010

D-Bag of the week award

So today, this boot-licker of the extremist Iranian religious oligarchy showed up a the U.N. to give another bullshit speech to befuddle and confuse the already befuddled and confused U.N. Someone needs to donkey-punch this clown-puppet, and start talking to the real power in Iran.