Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"The planet is some kind of organized intelligence. It's very different from us. It's had 5- or 6-billion years to create a slow moving mind that is made of oceans, and rivers, and rainforests, and glaciers. It's becoming aware of us, as we are becoming aware of it, strangely enough. Two less likely members of a relationship can hardly be imagined- the technological apes and the dreaming planet. And yet, because the life of each depends on the other, we have a feeling towards this immense, strange, wise, old, neutral, weird thing, and it is trying to figure out why its dreams are so tormented and why everything is out of balance."

- Terence McKenna

Pack gets slapped on Monday Night!

While I bear no love for Chicago, I was happy when they managed to fool the flatulent Pack on Monday night. This brings the Bears to 3-0, which is nice as they have something to celebrate before the wheels come off and their season ends in shame.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Oktoberfest 2010!

Oktoberfest in Downtown Durango. This party is seriously better than Christmas. AWe met up with a few friends out on main street. Not sure what it is, but the beer tastes just that much better in the fall sunshine out in the middle of the street.

Erica & C-Dog!!

Vikes dominate Lions, Pack is a bunch of poseurs

The Vikes laid it down on the Lions yesterday, in their first win, but also their first conference game. The hapless pack stands at 2-0, with a win over Philly an another over Buffalo (they still have a team?!?) The hammer drops tonight when the feeble bears will need to step up and smack the pack on Monday night, or step out like the phonies that they are. Go Vikes!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Indian Summer, and a run to Canyonlands

We rolled the van out to the BLM land above the middle section of Canyonlands N.P, roughly 30 miles north of Monticello. This is an early morning view from the Needles Overlook. Dawn was amazing over the La Sal Mtns! the entire western sky went red, then yellow in the arid desert air before the sun broke the horizon. September has been dry and sunny, and the weather near Moab was perfect, if almost too hot in the afternoon.

The Doodle loves the van. He thinks its a big kennel that we all get to sleep in. We spoiled him on this trip as well. At 6months old, he was much better at avoiding cactus and getting thorns in his paw-pads than he was at 3months old out in Dark Canyon on Memorial day. Lucky little puppy has been to Utah twice in his first 6months.

Queue the Floyd. We are on Mars.

The Potash mine southwest of Moab on the Colorado River.

The mine's leach fields above the river.

A view north from the Canyonlands viewpoint.

Labor Day Blowout in Silverton

For Labor Day, we headed up Aristra Canyon near Silverton for an end of summer blow out with a bunch of friends. The mushrooms were in full bloom around the campsite.
Our vicious Guard-Doodle kept a close eye on the croquet tournament watching for any opportunity to create a "Puppy Hazard" by carrying off a ball into the woods. Officials on the course allowed this as a legal hazard, but also allowed the trading of a treat to get your ball back. The clever puppy had this figured out quick, so we had to put him on the lead.
Two of the players watching the action.
This dude took one round off for some proper lounging and heckling.
She spoiled the Doodle at every opportunity. He (obviously) hated it.
Seriously, look at this. NAP TIME!
These guys made sure that the vibe was good, the fire kept burning, and the food and beer was on time and delicious.
Buh-Bye summertime!

Vikes 0-2, wtf?

The vikes play an uninspired opener in New Orleans, then paly a batter home opener against Miami and loose it on turnovers. Things will come together - an early season signing of "The Basket" might help as Sydney Rice's return is eagerly anticipated.