Monday, April 23, 2012

Texas Flat Trip Report

The weather hit just right, and we were given a June weekend in April. We capitalized on this by rolling the van out to the edge of Cedar Mesa in canyon country. The goal was to camp at an amazing site accessible by the AWD van that was not too far from home. The Arch Canyon overlook at Texas Flat delivered in spades.

This is view back to camp from a pinnacle of rock that juts out into Arch Canyon proper.

These two were pretty happy about having morning coffee out here!

To reach the rim trail, take the southern split in the road to the end. It is a definite 4WD road, and we stopped just after this sign due to steep grades and a rock ledge. The sign is 1/4 mile from the trailhead proper.

We bushwacked to this point from where the trail crosses the head of the canyon for lunch. The trail is not too aggressive, though the haul out to the end and back would take all day.


Sleepy Puppy!

Relaxin' with a view.

Oh Yeah!!!