Monday, January 28, 2008

More Snow!

On top of the foot of fluff that fell last week, I awoke to 18 inches of fresh snow this morning. So much for the 3 to 7 that was forcast. In a bold stroke of luck, I was able to shower and grind coffee prior to the power dropping at 7am. HA! I had initially thought I would be able to drive through the snow with all four chains on the truck, but a quick assesment of the scenario concluded that after the effort to get the chains on, this sucker was going to float all over on the fine, dry snow. The jeep is tough, but it isn't the offroad monster I hope it will someday evolve into.

So I geared up, and started shovelling.
Fortunatly, I had just replaced the unit I broke earlier in the week.

It took about 3.5 hours to get down to the road. By then, the sun had come out.

I'll admit to taking some sort of perverse pleasure in the completion of the task.

A child of the North country I am.

More snow forcast for Wednesday... Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Imprint of another universe?

Here's a mind bender for ya.

A team of physicists figure that a huge hole they found in space is likely the imprint of another universe on our own. There is more about it here.

I originally figured that the hole was actually just dust on the mirror, but apparently it was found using satellites and radio array's.

I guess that everything is possible.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What is real?

Proof a company has too much money: the ratio of 50" HD Flatscreens hung in the building I work in to the number of employees on site is easily 1:4. That is absurd. I am pumped full of CNN, Headline News, Sportscenter, and Fox news just walking around the office. It is more hype, or better, pomp & Circumstance, than news. The thought for the day is the picture below. What is reality as portrayed in the media, and is the picture any closer or farther from the truth of what happened in the original un-adultered shot? You decide.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SPECTRE - Eat your heart out.

Check this out: It's a floating "ship" that can (and activly does) sail to the equator from Long beach and shoot rockets into space.

I bet their "CEO" is actually named Ernst Stavro Blofeld! Compare, if you will, the genius of the Sea Launch vehicle with that of the SECRET UNDERGROUND LAUNCH FACILITY AND DIABOLICAL COMMAND CENTER from "Thunderball". Hmmmmmm?! I smell SPECTRE!

Monday, January 14, 2008

T.O. crying like a baby

Click here: to see T.O. crying after the loss to the giants yesterday. just breaks your heart to see Dalls loose, don't it? Ho Ho - Suckers! And your telling me that Jessica Simpson isn't cashing a fat check signed by 'friends of the pack' and enjoying her lifetime supply of Wisonsin Cheddar? Ha!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The "Big Snow" of Jan '08.

Compare this picture of the house with the one below from the fall.
Here I am shovelling out of 2 feet of new snow on top of the 2 we already had. You will note that I have three necessities of mountain living with me - Insulated Carhart's, a solid metal shovel, and quality microbrew.

Throw some shrimp on the Barbie!

This is a shot of the morning sun on the ridge behind the house seen from the bottom of the 'hood.

Mom and Dad visit - Jan '08.

Mom and Dad visit, and make it out just as the snow starts.

Packers Fan & a .45

This guy is a huge fan of the Pack.
I know how to deal with him.

New House and Saw.

Not sure which I like better, the house or the Husqavarna.

Fall in Colorado,.

I took the long way home from Buena Vista and come over the Million Dollar highway and Red Mountain pass, stopping to take photos of the magnificant San Juan Mountains.

October Camping Near B.V.

Thanks to a tireless planning effort by Mitby, five of us headed to the wilderness west of Buena Vista for the first annual Four Corners / Frontrange Summit. A vicious pack of wild dogs accompanied us on the mission. A brutal game of extreme croquet ensued, and nearly consumed us all. Fortunately, we had beer in ample supply to keep everything in check.


I packed up my stuff and headed up to Colorado in June. I checked in to a Forest Service campground outside of town, and spent the month in the tent. River front property with forest access and mountian views... pretty nice digs. Later I rented a room from a friend while waiting to close on the house. Check out the picture of Red Mountain seen from the east below.

Vegas in March

I had a gig in Vegas last March that left me with a rental car and a day to kill on Friday. I headed
north and went to Death Valley for the day. Having come up to Vegas from Phoenix, I neglected to bring a coat. Earlier in the week it had snowed in the desert north of town where I had been working. Aye! The cool conditions made for a nice day in Death Valley though. I think it was only 80 that day. In an interresting coincidence who's meaning I still ponder, I had the soundtrack to the movie "Zabriskie Point" in the car with me as I came across the location itself. I had no idea it was a real place.

Happy New Year!

I Couldn’t seem to find the urge to write anything this year, so I thought I’d put this site together to share a few photos and a little of what we have been up to this past year. Dig through the posts to see what's been going on.

Remember when we lived in Arizona? I put an end to that in June when I took a job up in Durango. Looking at this picture taken from the deck, it wasn't all bad.