Saturday, December 15, 2012


SNOW!! Finally!  

Shoveling out Rufus' kennel.



All cleaned out.

 How much snow did we get, dude?

 ONLY 15 INCHES!?! I lost on the over/under!!

 15.5 Doodle! You and NOAA loose!

 Are you gonna throw a snowball for me to jump and bite at, or what?

 And another?

 Which way did it go, George?!

And Another?!?

One more time - my fur is freezing my eyes shut!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Jeep Changes, Pt. 2

 Some photos of the Jeep before.
 Note the primer on the roof from the work done a few weeks ago.
 Someof the sanding work done to prep for the Durabak product application.

 The stuff is Xylene based and required the black coded filters for the mask.

 After application of the green, UV resistant, non-textured coating on the body, but prior to the bottom runner being coated with the black, textured, UV resistant coating.
I was hoping for a slightly lighter green, but this will work.
 After application of the black coating. I think it came out nice.
Still have to weld a custom bar on to the bumper, then have it powder coated. Also have to add the black visor this coming weekend. The sunroof will be a project for the winter.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Safety Meeting, pt 2

Q: what on earth is this man doing to this ladder?

A: making step children. Ho ho!!

Safety Meeting, pt 1

This image is from a manual issued at a 3 day industrial safety course i recently attended. Don't know what to say about this.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Wild People, Unite!

A poem by Walt Whitman as reprinted in the book, "Why I am Against it All" by Durango author, Ken Wright.

Fall Colors, 2012

Mancos balloon festival.

Balloon's over the head of Mesa Verde.

The Dolores river at Stoner.

Fall Colors.

Sunrise near home!

Manzanita, OR - August 2012, pt. 2

Some yard art that we liked.

Relaxing on the porch with a sleepy doodle.

Dinner and beer from Idaho.

On the beach.

Canon Beach.

Like the Sphinx - timeless.

Mountians of the moon.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jeep changes, Pt. 1

Big changes in store for the Cherokee. General maintenance completed on Saturday, and new front end from Logans Metal 4x4 mounted on Sunday. Also, roof sanded and primed in preparation for... something wonderful!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Manzanita, OR - August 2012, pt. 1

 Manzanita Beach looking north at the Nehalem Point

Sleepy doodle at the beach!

 In Oregon, it is usually a good idea to bring a sweater to the beach. But this day was epic!


 Little buddies!

Doodles LOVE beaches!

Hammond Canyon Trip Report, Memorial Day 2012

Headed out to Hammond Canyon for a short overnight on the Memorial Day weekend. We avoided strong winds and *chilly* temps on the first part of the weekend by heading in Saturday evening.
Abajo Mountains seen from the SouthEast

Hammond Canyon from the south (hiding just behind the trees)
 We camped at the top of the canyon, just across from the access road to Dark Canyon

This is the trailhead at the top of the canyon. We decided that it would be better to descend to the bottom and enter that way. Turns out, both are steep drops into the canyon proper and this access may have been the better choice.

Heading in to "Dwarf Flats" and the mouth of the canyon

Hammond Canyon Lower Trailhead (Eastern most access)

The trail traverses a ridge and drops down to the canyon floor over the course of a mile

A the mouth of Hammond Canyon

 Inside Hammond Canyon

Guess that funding making this a heritage site didn't come through


 Double Wow!

Back to camp for beer:30

Our guide
 Doodles LOVE hikes!

This is the area known as Dwarf Flats

 Left the area by the way of the Bears Ears