Monday, September 10, 2012

Hammond Canyon Trip Report, Memorial Day 2012

Headed out to Hammond Canyon for a short overnight on the Memorial Day weekend. We avoided strong winds and *chilly* temps on the first part of the weekend by heading in Saturday evening.
Abajo Mountains seen from the SouthEast

Hammond Canyon from the south (hiding just behind the trees)
 We camped at the top of the canyon, just across from the access road to Dark Canyon

This is the trailhead at the top of the canyon. We decided that it would be better to descend to the bottom and enter that way. Turns out, both are steep drops into the canyon proper and this access may have been the better choice.

Heading in to "Dwarf Flats" and the mouth of the canyon

Hammond Canyon Lower Trailhead (Eastern most access)

The trail traverses a ridge and drops down to the canyon floor over the course of a mile

A the mouth of Hammond Canyon

 Inside Hammond Canyon

Guess that funding making this a heritage site didn't come through


 Double Wow!

Back to camp for beer:30

Our guide
 Doodles LOVE hikes!

This is the area known as Dwarf Flats

 Left the area by the way of the Bears Ears

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