Monday, January 25, 2010

Vikes Season of Destiny derailed by deceit.

The fix was in. If you have any doubts, just look at these photos of G.W. Bush Sr. after the NFC championship game.

What else would this creepy old bastard be doing there than making sure that the hammer fell just as he had planned. Former ambassador to China, former head of the CIA, the vikes didn't stand a chance. Favre is lucky to be alive with this puppet master in the house. Anyone with eyes could see that the officials were blatantly making erroneous calls as if their lives depended on it. Well, pity the fools, as there were masked men with guns sitting at their homes making sure mom & the fam "enjoyed the big game". You know what I'm sayin'!?! But the question of motive remains. Why, Why would such a cunning man like our former president be on the side of the saints? Oil leases in the gulf? Cush joint advertising gig with Drew Brees for the subway diet? A trade for a piece of the action on the team itself? There is just no telling with big poppa Bush in the house. I can't even attach the photos here. Watch, they'll be pulled tomorrow. Deception and lies in the King Dome yesterday...

Friday, January 22, 2010


A series of storms has crushed the four corners this week. Silverton was reporting 50" this morning. Vail, Keystone and breck were reporting 1". Ho Ho suckers!
Anyone want to buy a Ford Focus Wagon?

The rental car.

The Ariens 15280 rose to the occasion. 2 shear pins and a belt later (I had the spare - Yeah!) I had the driveway clean. And its still snowing! Ski day tomorrow for sure!

Vikes 'Season of Destiny' comes to a head

And here it is, after some late season drama, the purple headed warriors are headed to New Orleans and the NFC championship game. This comes hot on the heals of a resounding beating of "America's Team", the Dallas Cowboys, that was about as subtle as beating something to death with a framing hammer. Truly, the NFC playoff game was a thing of beauty.
Rumors of a prince song paying tribute to the vikes in the works, and pictures like this of Allen floating around are putting THE FEAR into the primadonnas down in the big easy. Dallas pounded these fools at the King dome, and Dallas looked like a highschool squad playing the Vikes last week. 4:40pm MDT Sunday, the Vikes meet destiny head on. Go Vikes!