Friday, January 22, 2010

Vikes 'Season of Destiny' comes to a head

And here it is, after some late season drama, the purple headed warriors are headed to New Orleans and the NFC championship game. This comes hot on the heals of a resounding beating of "America's Team", the Dallas Cowboys, that was about as subtle as beating something to death with a framing hammer. Truly, the NFC playoff game was a thing of beauty.
Rumors of a prince song paying tribute to the vikes in the works, and pictures like this of Allen floating around are putting THE FEAR into the primadonnas down in the big easy. Dallas pounded these fools at the King dome, and Dallas looked like a highschool squad playing the Vikes last week. 4:40pm MDT Sunday, the Vikes meet destiny head on. Go Vikes!

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Anonymous said...

Yes the Favre-san and Allen-san has gained much respect in the land of the rising sun... here there is no regular season - only the playoffs