Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brew Crew Meeting in Mancos.

We finally attended another Brew Club meeting last night. What a great time. Thanks to Bill & Teena for the fun and GREAT food!

Party Hearty!

Our awesome neighbors threw down on a killer party last Friday night. The band is "Wild "Mountain", a killer single mic bluegrass unit out of Durango. The whole neighborhood turned out for the event. What a blast!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Vikes Domination, Pt 1.

The purple headed warriors showered themselves in glory on the grass in Cleveland yesterday. Favre looked like the champ that he is, and ran the offense well. The D looked tuff, and came up with some big plays. Peterson, Harvin, Rice, and Shancoe threw down. Go VIKES!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Animas Forks, pt 2.

Here's a shot of Laura and I up in Animas Forks above Silverton. It was pretty nice up there on Saturday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Steamworks - Ale Diablo

At a recent private tour of their Bayfield facility, I was able to taste the soon to be released and totally revamped "Ale Diablo" from the fine brewers at Steamworks Brewing here in D-town. In an about face on the brew, head brewer Spence Roper distanced this release from it's former IPBR (Imperial PBR) incarnation into something *TRULY* diabolical. He tells me that the yeast and Barley were specially chosen for this release, and that the super-secret combination is what gave rise to the light character (for a strong Belgian), hints of green apple in the nose, and Riesling grapes in the finish. I plan on picking up two of these, one for now, and one to a for a year or so. The brew was packaged in Belgian bottles with cork, and next season, Roper tells me that they will consider bottle conditioning the brew, for an 'Ale on Lees' presentation. Well done, fellas!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

East Bound n' Down

Loaded up n' Truckin!

Simpler Times Lager

I picked up a couple o' 6'ers of the "Simpler Times" Lager at Joe's down in Santa Fe last weekend. It may say 'Simpler Times' on the can, but the taste is pure "Extra Gold". For $3.99 per 6'er, I ain't complaining, and at 6.2%, it gets the job done. Cheer's, to Simpler Times.

Friday, September 4, 2009

San Juan Brewfest Kicks ass!

BEHOLD! A brewfest on Main Street in Durango! Wooo - Hoo! 14 Breweries this year, nearly 700 in attendance (double last year), and more than twice the expected amount raised and donated to the local United Way. Beer, Bro's, and a good local cause. Did I mention the REGGAE BAND?!? Yeah, in Durango, that's just how we roll!

A-Dub rock band kicked it all afternoon. Maybe, in the future, they could play a proper 'Harvest Festival' in the fall. Hmmm...

They guy on the right is a Chargers fan, can you believe it? ;-)

This guy is adamantly explaining the in's and out's of the party rental business to the dude on the right. I guess you might say he's "in-tent's". Ho Ho!

Treeman visits, so we Party!

Our old boy, Treeman swung through D-Town last Tuesday and was able to come up to the house for the evening. To honor our guest, I tapped the first of the Oktoberfest kegs that I brewed back in March. As it turns out, our neighbor, and all-round stalwart human being, Eric, was partying at his place down the hill to celebrate the repair of his well and the return of indoor plumbing to his house. He claimed that the cutoff mesh shirt was a costume (yeah, sure pal) and that we should come dressed in "sports attire", so we did.
I brought some of the beer down to share. I think he liked it.

Check out the guy on the right decked out in god's colors. Go Vikes~!

I think Treeman had a good time! Come back soon, bro! And bring the family this time!!