Friday, September 4, 2009

San Juan Brewfest Kicks ass!

BEHOLD! A brewfest on Main Street in Durango! Wooo - Hoo! 14 Breweries this year, nearly 700 in attendance (double last year), and more than twice the expected amount raised and donated to the local United Way. Beer, Bro's, and a good local cause. Did I mention the REGGAE BAND?!? Yeah, in Durango, that's just how we roll!

A-Dub rock band kicked it all afternoon. Maybe, in the future, they could play a proper 'Harvest Festival' in the fall. Hmmm...

They guy on the right is a Chargers fan, can you believe it? ;-)

This guy is adamantly explaining the in's and out's of the party rental business to the dude on the right. I guess you might say he's "in-tent's". Ho Ho!

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