Friday, September 4, 2009

Treeman visits, so we Party!

Our old boy, Treeman swung through D-Town last Tuesday and was able to come up to the house for the evening. To honor our guest, I tapped the first of the Oktoberfest kegs that I brewed back in March. As it turns out, our neighbor, and all-round stalwart human being, Eric, was partying at his place down the hill to celebrate the repair of his well and the return of indoor plumbing to his house. He claimed that the cutoff mesh shirt was a costume (yeah, sure pal) and that we should come dressed in "sports attire", so we did.
I brought some of the beer down to share. I think he liked it.

Check out the guy on the right decked out in god's colors. Go Vikes~!

I think Treeman had a good time! Come back soon, bro! And bring the family this time!!

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