Sunday, August 28, 2011

Costa Rica, August 2011, pt.4 - Isla Tortuga

Our last day on Nicoya, we took a day trip out to this island, Isla Tortuga, by boat.

The ride was a lot of fun, and the weather was unbelievable.

Smile Mon!

Costa Rica, August 2011, pt.3 - Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa looking north towards Playa Hermosa.
This was the best beach in the area, and went on for miles.
Lots of great surfing, and breaks all along the coast. We got some boards, took a lesson, and are hooked.
Saw a lot of great surfers, kids living down there for the waves. Having seen them, and surfed them, I think I get it.

Costa Rica, August 2011, pt.2 - Mal Pais

A few miles as the crow flies, but on the Northwest side of Park Cabo Blanco and a 40 minute cab ride lies the strip of coast called Mal Pais, "Bad Country". This is the sweep of rock where the fishermen have their boats. We rented a quad (4-wheeler) and drove all the way up and down the stretch of road, from here up through Santa Teresa and past Playa Hermosa to Playa Manzinillo, beyond the reach of the tourists and development.
These are looking north up the coast.
This was at a small resturant that seemed to be closed for the season. Too bad, because you could sit at tables right by the hammocks and get dinner or drinks. I think it was called Playa Azul, and is in the Lonley Planet guide book. I think this picture came out really well. It may be my favorite of all that we took.
This is the beach at Playa Carmen, right at the Mal Pais Surf Camp where we stayed for a couple of nights. I'll be putting all of the hotel reviews into Check it if you are headed to Central America, everyone we met was all over it on their iPhones, regardless of nationality (lots of Europeans down there in August ,which was cool). Wi-Fi is available everywhere, and there isn't really a reason to pay for international cell service for your smart-gizmo.
With the wild waves and rip current making surfing a little rough for beginners, we improvised.
After the litro of local cerveza, the monkey decided to go find a coconut for a refreshing drink.
Opposable thumb led to the success of this mission.
It craked open pretty easy and the water was sweet and delicious.

Costa Rica, August 2011, pt.1 - Montezuma

We grabbed the midnight special out of Denver direct to San Jose on Frontier. It's a painless flight, with the exception of arriving at 5am and having to wait until 10 for our connection to Tambor, on the penninsula Nicoya. The helpful woman at the Sansa desk suggested that we grab the free shuttle to Denny's. My first couple of hours in Costa Rica were spent at Denny's. The Sansa flights were a great way to go - roughly $40 per person each way, and 20 minutes of flight time. There is anoter service, Inter Bus, that we found out about later. Private shuttles that run door to door from San Jose International to your hotel on the coast for $40 each. This would take a little longer, but would save the cab fees on each end. I think we will try this next time.

The landing strip / aeropuerto at Tambor.

Playa Cedros, a short distance north of Montezuma. The surf was pounding the first few days, and a wave later washed through our position on the beach and up on to the road.

Taking the first days of vacation in stride.

The fabeled waterfall of Montezuma. NOTE: you have to wade the river above the first falls to continue on the trail to the upper falls.

On the third day, we hiked the trail through the Cabo Blanco nature reserve o nthe southernmost tip of the penninsula Nicoya. The heat and humidity in the jungle almost killed me (take lots of water, some food, and a soda or something with sugar with you!!). The arduous journey was totally worth it when we got to spend the day o nthe deserted beach at the end. WOW!!

The Cabo Blanco - In the dry season, the little island gets covered by guano and turns white.

Nap time! Thanks EMO - the BEST HAMMOCKS EVER!! And a really good thing to throw in your backpack.

At the Cafe Mediteranean in Montezuma. The night, the moon, fie food, chilled white wine... Muy Romantico!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band - Keystone, CO 8/6/2011

We made the run up to Keystone to catch the Bluegrass & Brews festival, and to see two sets by Peter Rowan. The brewfest was choked with people, but Peter delivered on the main stage. A later, second show, commenced in the performing arts center, and blew us away. Awesome!


Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band
8/6/2011 Keystone Bluegrass & Brews Festival
Keystone Village, Colorado

Peter Rowan - Guitar
Paul Knight - Bass
Keith Little - Banjo
Michael Richard - Dobro

Early Set (Brewfest Stage)

1. Jailer, Jailer
2. Father, Mother
3. The Raven
4. So Good
5. Cold Rain & Snow
6. Dustbowl Children
7. Dobro Instrumental (Michael Richard)
8. Little Maggie (Keith Little vocal)
9. Blue Moon of Kentucky
10. Walls of Time
11. Midnight Moonlight ->
12. Hey, Bo Didley ->
13. Not Fade Away ->
14. Midnight Moonlight

1. Panama Red ->
2. Tea Party
3. Live and Let Live ->
4. Mountain Dew ->
5. I Saw the Light

Second Show -
Montezuma Events Center
Keystone, CO

The second setlist is more fuzzy. The first four or five songs were the same, as Peter, IMHO, wanted to more fully flush out those melodies in the silence that the evening audience allowed him. It was *SO GOOD*! He then cut into a number of his other tunes. I've heard Land of the Navajo many times, but he played the shit out of this one. I thought the Vulture Peak was really well done as well, but that's an old favorite of mine.

There was also a workshop and then a third set at the beer tasting on Sunday the 7th that we we're not able to attend.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Star Trek Demotivational Poster

Not sure why, but I find this really funny.

Ska "ModusHead" to be tapped tonight

From Ska's Facebook page:

International IPA Day is Thursday. Hows about some Modus and Metal? We have a souped up Modus cask (Modushead) dry-hopped to the gills with Simcoe and Amarillo, and two metal bands, Towrdis and Sagerith. Rock on bitches."

I can't wait. More Hops, bitches!