Sunday, August 28, 2011

Costa Rica, August 2011, pt.2 - Mal Pais

A few miles as the crow flies, but on the Northwest side of Park Cabo Blanco and a 40 minute cab ride lies the strip of coast called Mal Pais, "Bad Country". This is the sweep of rock where the fishermen have their boats. We rented a quad (4-wheeler) and drove all the way up and down the stretch of road, from here up through Santa Teresa and past Playa Hermosa to Playa Manzinillo, beyond the reach of the tourists and development.
These are looking north up the coast.
This was at a small resturant that seemed to be closed for the season. Too bad, because you could sit at tables right by the hammocks and get dinner or drinks. I think it was called Playa Azul, and is in the Lonley Planet guide book. I think this picture came out really well. It may be my favorite of all that we took.
This is the beach at Playa Carmen, right at the Mal Pais Surf Camp where we stayed for a couple of nights. I'll be putting all of the hotel reviews into Check it if you are headed to Central America, everyone we met was all over it on their iPhones, regardless of nationality (lots of Europeans down there in August ,which was cool). Wi-Fi is available everywhere, and there isn't really a reason to pay for international cell service for your smart-gizmo.
With the wild waves and rip current making surfing a little rough for beginners, we improvised.
After the litro of local cerveza, the monkey decided to go find a coconut for a refreshing drink.
Opposable thumb led to the success of this mission.
It craked open pretty easy and the water was sweet and delicious.

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