Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rufus VII - Schmutzfink

Grubby Puppy!~

IDAHO! - Payette River Float!

A quick run up to Idao to visit old friends for Erica's birthday! We managed a repeat of last year's epic float on the north fork of the mighty Payette river.
another? why not!?!
Master of the technique.
Better let Jayme drive~!
maxin' and relaxin'

Hamish Morgenpopple

My good buddy, Rev. Hamish Morgenpopple.

Man of the people, like Che.
Isn't that a fine cabbage?

Rufus VI - July 2010

Hunting the elusive Colorado Tennis Ball, like a little furry white puma in the woods.


Got one!


San Juan River float - July 4, 2010

Riverman Dan set up the trip of a lifetime for all of us over the 4th of July weekend! A three day float down the San Juan river from Bluff, UT to Mexican Hat, UT. Awesome! The river was low, 700+ cfs, but their was plenty of water. Knee deep most of the way and warm! Perfect for tubing along side the rafts.

Riverman Dan takes a pull off of an ice-cold Curs Light and plans his strategy for the "Big Water" that lies ahead.

Water baby loved it!

Ancient petroglphys along the way.

Why do they call them Shaerds? Because the guy who wrote the book was Scottish, and therefore, does not speak or write English!
Check out the Knife shard. Pretty cool.

Lindy mocking the monkey in the tree.

Utah is Canyon Country.

Bow Babe.

Jess wearing a Mexican Hat!

It does look like a sombrero.

Rufus V - Late June 2010

A little wet puppy!


Erica and the Beast!


Holy crap - This is certainly the finest event of the year... *WAAAYYYYYY* better than Christmas.
Sippin' coffee and waiting for the show to start.

What a terrible view.



What a great time we had. The music was superb, as always. Keller late night at the Sheridan almost killed us. Guess who's not 24 anymore!

First Beerfest of the Season - Silverton Rockn' Brews 2010

If you know one thing about me, it's that I like a good beer. Another, lesser known, fact is that I love a good beer festival.

Held at 9305ft of elevation up in Silverton, the event was a blast. Lot's of good beer, and several micro-distilleries as well. Watch for it next year in early June!

What a fine location for a beer festival - wOW!

The Badness of the jeep.

Have I mentioned the Badness of the Jeep?
You can see for yourself right here.

Rufus IV - June Puppy update!

More Puppy pics from June.
Sporting his puppy-sized life jacket.

Sprawled out on the cool kitchen floor. It's hot out there!

Dark Canyon UT TRip report

Memorial Day 2010 - We possied up with Curtis&Karen (who was already preggers, unbeknownst to everyone!!!) and headed 60 miles NNW of Blanding, UT to an area mysteriously marked on the map as, "DARK CANYON". Below is a google map of the place.

View Larger Map

Memorial day weekend, and we didn't see a soul! The Cottonwood creek road is pretty good, and we only required the badness of the jeep (See below) & Curtis' 'yota for the last few miles to the edge of the canyon.

We spent our time chillin' like this, and then did an epic ride / hike into Fable Canyon to the North. Bugs stopped us (BUGS - in the desert!) from reaching a sweet set of cliff dwellings, but the hike was amazing none-the-less.

This hombre kept hanging around, but he was fun to drink beer with.

Can't beat that!!