Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dark Canyon UT TRip report

Memorial Day 2010 - We possied up with Curtis&Karen (who was already preggers, unbeknownst to everyone!!!) and headed 60 miles NNW of Blanding, UT to an area mysteriously marked on the map as, "DARK CANYON". Below is a google map of the place.

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Memorial day weekend, and we didn't see a soul! The Cottonwood creek road is pretty good, and we only required the badness of the jeep (See below) & Curtis' 'yota for the last few miles to the edge of the canyon.

We spent our time chillin' like this, and then did an epic ride / hike into Fable Canyon to the North. Bugs stopped us (BUGS - in the desert!) from reaching a sweet set of cliff dwellings, but the hike was amazing none-the-less.

This hombre kept hanging around, but he was fun to drink beer with.

Can't beat that!!

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