Tuesday, July 27, 2010

San Juan River float - July 4, 2010

Riverman Dan set up the trip of a lifetime for all of us over the 4th of July weekend! A three day float down the San Juan river from Bluff, UT to Mexican Hat, UT. Awesome! The river was low, 700+ cfs, but their was plenty of water. Knee deep most of the way and warm! Perfect for tubing along side the rafts.

Riverman Dan takes a pull off of an ice-cold Curs Light and plans his strategy for the "Big Water" that lies ahead.

Water baby loved it!

Ancient petroglphys along the way.

Why do they call them Shaerds? Because the guy who wrote the book was Scottish, and therefore, does not speak or write English!
Check out the Knife shard. Pretty cool.

Lindy mocking the monkey in the tree.

Utah is Canyon Country.

Bow Babe.

Jess wearing a Mexican Hat!

It does look like a sombrero.

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