Monday, October 31, 2011

Bakula/Eckhart Conspiracy!

I can't be the only one to notice this simmilarity. After close consideration, I think that THEY ARE REALLY THE SAME MAN!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Got Wood, pt 3

Getting there - I figure I have close to 3 cords stacked, and maybe that much again to slice and dice.

Dirty Doodle!

Guess who was wrestling with his little buddy Sunny on a rainy day?

Got Wood? Pt 2

Trying to get the wood cut up for winter still. A neighbor came down with a splitter, and punched through a third of it yesterday. I intended to cut the remaining logs, but my luck continues, and the chainsaw won't start. So I stacked.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wisconsin, Pt I

A quick run to Wisconsin for a sad occasion. Erica captured these pictures of the light at her fathers house following her mothers funeral.

Got Wood?, pt I

Got yer wood cut fer winter yit? Well, I'm a little behind - Yikes. I guess it's choppin' wood and drinking beer this weekend... yee - Haw!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NOAA goes on record with La Nina predictions

Well, there you have it. NOAA has issued their official 2011 La Nina predictions here. I guess that we will see. Personally, El Nino and La Nina sounds more to me like El Caca made up by weathermen who won't admit that they are basically guessing on a daily basis.

Widespread Panic Wood Tour and why Aspen Blows

Widespread Panic has announced a short series of acoustic "Wood" shows to cap their 25th anniversary celebration that has been rolling all year. Folllowing some dates out East, plans are for a three night run at the Fillmore in Denver for us commoners, followed by an exclusive run in Aspen, CO, at the Belly Up Tavern, with tickets for each evening starting at $350.

While an all acoustic set sounds cool, I can't help but think of the winter run they did through Colorado back in '96, when they would play one set acoustic and one plugged in. Some of my favorite tapes are from these dates, and I am sure that tickets were not in the $350 range at that time.

Ahh, Aspen. I hope shit like this is not a trend, or at least one that does not extend beyond the circle of non-relaity that Aspen is part of.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Colors in Durango, pt III

Fresh black bear tracks in the snow this morning on a scouting mission for Elk up in the National Forest service land behind the 'hood. He walked right along the fallen tree.

Corbet taking a break.

A view back down the creek towards the 'hood.

Fall Colors in Durango, pt II

We had mad snow above 8000' on the 6th/7th of October in the San Juans. Wolf Creek got 3 feet, and turned on the lifts. WE headed over the hills for a look at Red Mountain pass, and a soak in the hot springs in Ouray. This is near the top of the pass at Ironton.

Erica and the doodle dug the snow.

Queue the John Denver.

Fall Colors in Durango, pt I

Pictures taken at the end of September / beginning of October on the top of Missionary Ridge..