Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pack bites it at Lambeau!

Poor Pack. With a 35-31 loss at home today, they are assured to fall two games behind the winner of tonight's match between the Bears & the Vikes in Minnestrohta.A late season nose dive by the effeminate Packers is just the thing to remind me never to sigh and say "Next year, Vikes" before December. Ho Ho!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

*Now* I am ready for winter.

Avid fans of my ramblings may recall a few weeks back when I claimed that I was not ready for winter yet. Well, now I am!

Lo, and Behold! The Ariens model 11528 professional model snow thrower. Tagged with an 11.5hp engine, the manufacturer's claim is that this BEAST will throw even the wettest snow more than 50ft with gusto. Not only am I ready for winter, I can't wait for it to snow! My buddy Corbet up the hill just bought the Honda equivalent (seen here in a bizarre "Action Display" that could only be meaningful in some snow-devoid place like the Sahara or something). He has the advantage of the fully tracked drive system, however, I have the raw power of the Tecumseh big boy engine in my court. At some point, we'll have to run them side by side and see which is king. This, of course, is after the GB Packers that he loves so much (the dude is from Mad-Town) take an awful late season nose-dive leaving the NFC north to the Vikes & bears. The beauty is that I picked this guy up from a co-worker under what could be best described as "Friendly Terms".

To celebrate the season and this joyous occasion, I stopped on the way home and grabbed a 6'er of this season's Winter Ale from Anchor Steam Brewing. I am a long standing fan of the Anchor offerings, and this seasonal, as expected, delivers. I would highly recommend it this holiday season.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saints *CRUSH* the pack on Monday Nitro!

There are few things better than a nationally televised beating of the Green Bay Packers.Even better is the 51-29 BITCH-SLAPPING that was delivered down in the Bayeux last night. Poor pack. At 5-6, they are now a GAME BEHIND both the Vikes and the Bears. Those two meet next Sunday night at the Dome. The Vikes better be out for blood. The Pack will be facing the fearsome AZ Cardinals at Lambeau next week. Anything is possible the way the AZ has been plying. I would LOVE to see the pack take a nose dive right now. Suckers.

Monday, November 24, 2008

G n f'n R Album released!

Hola Amigro's! Yo soy "El LanceO" y mi gusto Rock n' Roll!

Heeeel yeah bro! G n' F'n R! Back in the saddle with some ass-kicking rock! I can't wait to go get this thing. I'll have to roll to Farmington in the Honcho though - dude, it's on sale for only 11 bones down at best Buy! Can't beat that, even with a stick. So I told you about the tape deck in the Honcho eating my "Lies" tape, right? Well, good thing it did, 'cause I replaced that sucker with a fly KRACO brand CD player from parts world here in D-Town. Yeah baby. That thing pumps! Dude - only $19! Lance is down with the deal, pardner!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Animas Forks

I decided to take the truck and run up to Animas Forks, an old Ghost Town above Silverton. It is supposed to snow later in the week, so this is probably the last chance I had to drive up there. The town sits at 11,200ft and the road is not maintained in the winter season.
The snow was very dry, and it crushed into a sand-like consistency under the tires. I *REALY* did not want to get stuck, so I parked just below the townsite and walked up. It was pretty cool to poke around all alone up there, and to think what is was like for those old miners back in 1884. The Mill that was built there at one time had a 12,000ft long cable tramway to haul ore from the mine down to town. Amazing. The mill itself cost $500,000 to build in 1884. Adjusted for inflation, that's like $700 Billion dollars or something.
The air was cold at 11,000ft, but the Colorado sun was warm in the southern sky. Comming down, the ice on the road was glistening with a fine sheen of water. I took it real slow, and had to stop to help two dudes in a front-wheel drive minivan from Arizona get their vehicle turned around. They *almost* parked it up there for the season.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Not Ready for winter yet.

We had a really nice fall around here. The first snow has fallen (twice) already, but I am not ready for winter yet.

This was Red mountain Pass on the 28th of September.

We undertook the mammoth project flipping the deck boards, re-building the railing, and staining the whole thing.

You can see here that it really needed some work.

It came out very well. Erica made the chairs and table seen here.

Friday, November 7, 2008

California's Prop 8.

Check it out - Here's a grainy cellphone photo of my buddy kilian in action out in San Fran this past weekend protesting the defeat of Cali's Proposition 8. From the photo, it appears that he is standing on the balcony of some sort of bordello or bath house, or perhaps the deck of infamous "Men's Room" down in the Castro. Nice Mirrored Shades, bro. Good choice. No one would expect YOU to be wearing dork shit like that...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween revisited.

BEHOLD! Below you have THE incarnation of "Joe 6-pack" - one of the notorious cast of characters from the 2008 presidential campaign. As you can tell instantly from the photo, the character below accurately captures the "Every Man" aspect of 6-pack to a 'T'. Note the 6'er of homebrew to share with the neighbors. A true friend-in-deed is Mr. 6-pack.
And what have we here?! Hi little Gnome buddy! Aren't you cute with your tiny Gnome wheel-barrow.
Look! 2 gnomes! Yes - while wandering the streets of Durango late Friday night, we happened upon another Gnome!! After an exhuberant 10 minute conversation in frenzied Icelandic, it came out that the Grey Gnome had failed to return a small trowel that he had borrowed from the shed of the Green Gnome's half brother, Uli. Gnomes DESPISE tardiness in returning borrowed tools, and the Green Gnome had to be held back from pummeling the Grey Gnome and threatened to SHAVE HIS BEARD. Boy, she was hot, I'll tell you. In the end, the green Gnome declared a thumb war, and a vicious four round battle ensued. It ended in a draw, after which both Gnomes bowed to each other, and left to look for more good times.
It is possible that I was assocating late Friday evening with some of the characters in this last picture. You will likely not be able to discern who these people might be, due to the epic nature and skilled application of their cunning disguises.ROCK!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barak Obama!

Oh yeah. I havn't had that much fun on election night in a LONG TIME. To celebrate the Democratic ass-whipping of the GOP, I brewed up a batch of the "Obamanos IPA" while listening to election results on NPR. The initial specific gravity came in at 1.066, and it was LIBERALLY hopped with six ounces of the proper green goodness.

This is a bumper sticker that was posted in the front window of the Hemp Store in Santa Fe this past weekend. My prediction... Sen. stevens wins re-election up in the AK, and then is booted from the senate due to the minor issue of his 7 FELONY CONVICTIONS. As the Gub-a-nator, I belive it is up to Ms. Palin to appoint a successor. Hmmmm, whom could she possibly pick for a spot in the national political game...... Look out DC, here she comes like that new year's day hangover.