Monday, November 24, 2008

G n f'n R Album released!

Hola Amigro's! Yo soy "El LanceO" y mi gusto Rock n' Roll!

Heeeel yeah bro! G n' F'n R! Back in the saddle with some ass-kicking rock! I can't wait to go get this thing. I'll have to roll to Farmington in the Honcho though - dude, it's on sale for only 11 bones down at best Buy! Can't beat that, even with a stick. So I told you about the tape deck in the Honcho eating my "Lies" tape, right? Well, good thing it did, 'cause I replaced that sucker with a fly KRACO brand CD player from parts world here in D-Town. Yeah baby. That thing pumps! Dude - only $19! Lance is down with the deal, pardner!

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