Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween revisited.

BEHOLD! Below you have THE incarnation of "Joe 6-pack" - one of the notorious cast of characters from the 2008 presidential campaign. As you can tell instantly from the photo, the character below accurately captures the "Every Man" aspect of 6-pack to a 'T'. Note the 6'er of homebrew to share with the neighbors. A true friend-in-deed is Mr. 6-pack.
And what have we here?! Hi little Gnome buddy! Aren't you cute with your tiny Gnome wheel-barrow.
Look! 2 gnomes! Yes - while wandering the streets of Durango late Friday night, we happened upon another Gnome!! After an exhuberant 10 minute conversation in frenzied Icelandic, it came out that the Grey Gnome had failed to return a small trowel that he had borrowed from the shed of the Green Gnome's half brother, Uli. Gnomes DESPISE tardiness in returning borrowed tools, and the Green Gnome had to be held back from pummeling the Grey Gnome and threatened to SHAVE HIS BEARD. Boy, she was hot, I'll tell you. In the end, the green Gnome declared a thumb war, and a vicious four round battle ensued. It ended in a draw, after which both Gnomes bowed to each other, and left to look for more good times.
It is possible that I was assocating late Friday evening with some of the characters in this last picture. You will likely not be able to discern who these people might be, due to the epic nature and skilled application of their cunning disguises.ROCK!

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