Wednesday, November 26, 2008

*Now* I am ready for winter.

Avid fans of my ramblings may recall a few weeks back when I claimed that I was not ready for winter yet. Well, now I am!

Lo, and Behold! The Ariens model 11528 professional model snow thrower. Tagged with an 11.5hp engine, the manufacturer's claim is that this BEAST will throw even the wettest snow more than 50ft with gusto. Not only am I ready for winter, I can't wait for it to snow! My buddy Corbet up the hill just bought the Honda equivalent (seen here in a bizarre "Action Display" that could only be meaningful in some snow-devoid place like the Sahara or something). He has the advantage of the fully tracked drive system, however, I have the raw power of the Tecumseh big boy engine in my court. At some point, we'll have to run them side by side and see which is king. This, of course, is after the GB Packers that he loves so much (the dude is from Mad-Town) take an awful late season nose-dive leaving the NFC north to the Vikes & bears. The beauty is that I picked this guy up from a co-worker under what could be best described as "Friendly Terms".

To celebrate the season and this joyous occasion, I stopped on the way home and grabbed a 6'er of this season's Winter Ale from Anchor Steam Brewing. I am a long standing fan of the Anchor offerings, and this seasonal, as expected, delivers. I would highly recommend it this holiday season.

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