Monday, October 29, 2012

Jeep Changes, Pt. 2

 Some photos of the Jeep before.
 Note the primer on the roof from the work done a few weeks ago.
 Someof the sanding work done to prep for the Durabak product application.

 The stuff is Xylene based and required the black coded filters for the mask.

 After application of the green, UV resistant, non-textured coating on the body, but prior to the bottom runner being coated with the black, textured, UV resistant coating.
I was hoping for a slightly lighter green, but this will work.
 After application of the black coating. I think it came out nice.
Still have to weld a custom bar on to the bumper, then have it powder coated. Also have to add the black visor this coming weekend. The sunroof will be a project for the winter.


Anonymous said...

all i can say about that new color is... GO PACK GO!!

Anonymous said...

sweet tits bitches