Monday, January 28, 2008

More Snow!

On top of the foot of fluff that fell last week, I awoke to 18 inches of fresh snow this morning. So much for the 3 to 7 that was forcast. In a bold stroke of luck, I was able to shower and grind coffee prior to the power dropping at 7am. HA! I had initially thought I would be able to drive through the snow with all four chains on the truck, but a quick assesment of the scenario concluded that after the effort to get the chains on, this sucker was going to float all over on the fine, dry snow. The jeep is tough, but it isn't the offroad monster I hope it will someday evolve into.

So I geared up, and started shovelling.
Fortunatly, I had just replaced the unit I broke earlier in the week.

It took about 3.5 hours to get down to the road. By then, the sun had come out.

I'll admit to taking some sort of perverse pleasure in the completion of the task.

A child of the North country I am.

More snow forcast for Wednesday... Stay tuned.

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Tree said...

Schnikeys!! You can barely see your house! I'm not even sure one of these would help: