Friday, September 24, 2010

Indian Summer, and a run to Canyonlands

We rolled the van out to the BLM land above the middle section of Canyonlands N.P, roughly 30 miles north of Monticello. This is an early morning view from the Needles Overlook. Dawn was amazing over the La Sal Mtns! the entire western sky went red, then yellow in the arid desert air before the sun broke the horizon. September has been dry and sunny, and the weather near Moab was perfect, if almost too hot in the afternoon.

The Doodle loves the van. He thinks its a big kennel that we all get to sleep in. We spoiled him on this trip as well. At 6months old, he was much better at avoiding cactus and getting thorns in his paw-pads than he was at 3months old out in Dark Canyon on Memorial day. Lucky little puppy has been to Utah twice in his first 6months.

Queue the Floyd. We are on Mars.

The Potash mine southwest of Moab on the Colorado River.

The mine's leach fields above the river.

A view north from the Canyonlands viewpoint.

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