Friday, September 24, 2010

Labor Day Blowout in Silverton

For Labor Day, we headed up Aristra Canyon near Silverton for an end of summer blow out with a bunch of friends. The mushrooms were in full bloom around the campsite.
Our vicious Guard-Doodle kept a close eye on the croquet tournament watching for any opportunity to create a "Puppy Hazard" by carrying off a ball into the woods. Officials on the course allowed this as a legal hazard, but also allowed the trading of a treat to get your ball back. The clever puppy had this figured out quick, so we had to put him on the lead.
Two of the players watching the action.
This dude took one round off for some proper lounging and heckling.
She spoiled the Doodle at every opportunity. He (obviously) hated it.
Seriously, look at this. NAP TIME!
These guys made sure that the vibe was good, the fire kept burning, and the food and beer was on time and delicious.
Buh-Bye summertime!

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