Monday, November 2, 2009

FOAM Pilsner, Indio, and pure unadulterated ROCK N' ROLL!

I'm not even sure where to begin on this one. Sonically, this was truly a formidable experience. Phish is, in all respects, playing at the absolute top of their game. Oh to be a college kid with nothing but time to go and see these guys play (or to be prince caspian with hooves instead of feet...) The cover of the Stones album, "Exile on Main Street", was fantastic. They took those muddy sounding tracks from the back side of the second platter and rocked them like I've never heard before. "Just Wanna See His Face" kicked soooo much ass. "Let this feeling, relax your mind".... and Shazaaam! Wow.
The ferocity of the rock had my mind looking about like this late on Saturday (is this guy real or a muppet)? The crowd was pretty wild. A bunch of frat boys with no context other than the other Phish show they saw in July (you know - they guy with the t-shirt on from the new album... no style. Bunch of fat boys too. Whatever, they were there rockin). It was kind of funny, and kind of weird. I felt old. I also had the only Tie-Dye on... What the hell's up with that? We ended up talking to this guy for a bit. He had the best perspective on the whole thing when he said, "Man, that Hendrix album kicked my ass, man!"

In celebration of the happy occasion, Sierra Nevada brewed up a special batch of beer, the FOAM pilsner. Being a play on the title of a song, FOAM was clever. That said, FOAM Pilsner conjured thoughts of the bad old days of cases of Huber Pilsner returnable bottles for $8.99 + $1.35 deposit. I believe the lable bragged of being "fully Kreusened". Ahh - technique to give you that extra crisp edge. The beer was average. The Sierra Summerfest was worlds better.

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