Monday, November 8, 2010


My feed of the game died at 4:39 in the 4th, and I spent the afternoon lamenting the 2010 season for the poor Vikes. It turns out that they didn't quit, and it's back on. Go Vikes!


MINNEAPOLIS -- Even Brett Favre thought the Minnesota Vikings were done -- for the game, and quite possibly the season.

Down 14 with less than five minutes to play against Arizona. Chants of "Fire Childress!" filling the Metrodome. A Super Bowl-or-bust season on the brink.

Favre has banner day
Vikings QB Brett Favre has accomplished just about everything in the NFL, but he did something Sunday he had never done in his career. Find out what it was in our milestone tracker.

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Suddenly, Favre conjured the kind of magic that simply hasn't been there all season, engineering another jaw-dropping fourth-quarter comeback that may have not only saved the Vikings' season, but coach Brad Childress' job as well.

Favre threw for a career-high 446 yards to rally the Vikings from 14 points down in the final four and half minutes and Ryan Longwell's 35-yard field goal in overtime lifted them to a 27-24 victory over the Cardinals on Sunday.

"There was a point in that game where I think everyone in the building thought this is not going well. We don't stand a chance," said Favre, who has 46 career fourth-quarter comeback wins. "But we did."

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