Monday, June 9, 2008

What are they up to now? - Alec Baldwin

What can I say about a guy who actually co-starred in the only Godfather movie that sucked. How about this, of all the Baldwin kids (the others being Stephen, William, and Daniel) he is BY FAR the most intelligent and in possession of the lion's share of his fathers talent that was passed to his progeny, and that was a cake that was sliced all to thin. Contrary to previous actors featured in this segment, Alec doesn't star in moveis that suck, he CO-STAR'S in them, or makes a cameo. You are already well aware that the movie is a dog, and on walks ol' Alec - like a fart that lingers too long in church. Even in one of his better showings, as Jack Ryan in "Hunt for red October" he is helped by the fact that #1: Sean Connery is the lead, and #2: the story is so good that a zombie could have acted as Ryan and pulled it off. But what is he up to now, you ask? my friends over at IMDb tell me that he is currently working on a movie called, "LymeLife". Hmm - not sure what this could be about, so I checked the synopsis...

Set in late '70s Long Island, the coming-of-age story follows two families who fall apart when precarious relationships, real estate problems and Lyme disease converge in the heart of suburbia.

Are you KIDDING ME?! Holy crap that sounds BAD! And in this flick, our boy Baldwin PLAYS THE LEAD! Congratualtions Alec! You get the Busey award for this one!

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