Thursday, June 5, 2008

What are they up to now? - Tom Berenger.

Ever wonder what Tom Berenger is doing now? This guy sits amongst an elite of Holywood actors that have played consistantly in some of the worst movies that hollywood releases. Seriously, you see a movie with these guys, and unless it is Saturday afternoon on the USA network and you are snowed in or in a coma, you change the channel. Other notable members in this elite crew include Gary Busey, Kurt Russell, and Bridget Fonda. All of these actors have also been in some reall classics, like Berenger as pictured here in "Platoon". So what's ol' Tom up to now? A quick search indicates that he was in the recent release of "Stiletto". Hmm - such a mysterious title stinks of low-budget production and a shitty script. IMDb has this synopsis of the movie (Berenger plays the role of "Virgil vadalos").

A methodical female assassin is stalking and killing members of a ruthless criminal organization. The killer, a mysterious young Russian woman, dispatches her victims with Black Widow brutality, working her way through the ranks of thugs, and drug dealers. One of her victims survives. A wealthy, retired crime boss, Virgil. He shares a past with the Russian Woman and her betrayal breaks his heart. Furious and paranoid, Virgil cannot trust even his closest associates. So, he enlists a crooked homicide detective, Beck, to track her down before the police get to her.

Wow - that sounds *EXTRA* bad. Suggestion: save the $7 for ANY OTHER MOVIE THAT COMES OUT THIS YEAR. Berenger strikes again! hahaha!

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Anonymous said...

I don't like your attitude towards
Tom Berenger....
He was a good actor and played some very good parts....
I will always remember him with good thoughts.....they can't all be phonies like Tom Cruise.....thank God!!