Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Favre, a purple headed warrior, pt. 5

This is just great drama!~ Our Boy , Favre, tells the douchy Joe buck that he'll play again if his arm is OK. The story here. This quote pretty much sums it up, "He said the only team he has spoken to is the Minnesota Vikings—and that they would be a perfect fit because he’s familiar with their offense."

Now you gotta ask yourself, is this the right moves for the vikes, or is this a desperate grab at faded glory, and possibly the greatest double-cross in NFL history? Yes! the conspiricacy theorist in me still believes that Favre plays the oafy chuckle-head card as a disguise for the cunning evil-genius supermind that hides within. Is ultimate shame for the Vikes his diabolical aim? or is there a much more dark and subtle goal a the heart of his devious schemes? Time will tell....

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