Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Single Hop IPA (Simcoe) - My finest brew~2~date.

Oh man. I finally hit a winner with this IPA. I borrowed the recepie from a blog site online, then modified to what I have posted here. This will give you a moderate body beer with a nice malt base and a huge resinous & piney hop character balanced by a healthy dose of alcohol from the sugar. We drank three bottles of the first batch on Sunday, and I brewed the second batch of this last night. I used the same malt base with warrior hops, but did not dry hop that batch. I will do that again, only with the dry hop. It was lacking nose.

Single Hop IPA (simcoe)
~ For 6gal Batch ~

11 lbs 2-Row or Pale Ale Malt (Rahr 2-Row OR Colorado Malting Pale)
1 lb Vienna Malt
1 lb Munich Malt
.5 lb Carapils Malt
.5 lb Caramel Malt 60L
1 cup Corn Sugar

.5 oz Simcoe Hops 60min
.5 oz Simcoe Hops 45min
.5 oz Simcoe Hops 20min
1.5oz Simcoe Hops 10min
2oz Simcoe Hops 0min

2oz Simcoe Hops Dry-Hop in Secondary

1pkg Fermentis S-05 American Ale yeast.

Mash in grains to 18qt H2O at 167deg for 60min (154deg mash temp), Sparge with 170deg H2O to collect 8 gal total.
60min Boil - add sugar later in boil.
Used Durango Tap with 1 tsp each gypsum, Chalk, Epsom Salt.

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