Friday, March 26, 2010

Night Ranger @ The Palladium, Dallas, TX - 3/25/2010

Want to know if late 80's guitar rock is alive and well in America today? Well then, go catch Night Ranger. I went in joking about it, and 2 seconds into the show knew I had been mistaken. These guys kicked serious ass. The fella on the left (Mark Hammond) throws one of the best "Metal face" looks I have ever seen (including the late Randy Rhodes), and Brad Gillis(sp?) on the right just hammers that axe. The set is a 'best of' from a decade of Night Ranger and 5 or 6 years of Damn Yankees. Regardless of the era, the songs were dealt with ferocity. I had a blast. The best part, the vendor rep bought the beers all night AND I scammed a N.R. t-shirt from him as well. Unbelievable. Rock!

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