Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break!

Hola Amigros! That's right suckers! It's your ol' buddy, Lance, commin' back atchya' with a whole new rap for 2010! Heeel yeah, boy! It's been a while since I laid it on ya', but that's no 'cuz I ain't been up to nothin'! Heeel no, boyz! Ol' Lance has hisself an old lady! Yessir! An' man is she a pistol. She keeps me on the straight an' narrow, I tell ya. Like June Carter with ol' Johnny Cash, boy! But that don't mean we don't have no fun. Heeel No, sucka! Just check out this pic of us down on Padre island last month. Am I lookin' Gooooo-ooood, or what?!?! An' jus check out that little number in the towel on my lap.


Ol' lance was on the nudy beach, boyz! an' that's a fact! Heel Yeah!

An' jus wait until I show you my new project up here in D-Town...

2010 man, time to ROCK!

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