Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Wild Horse Canyon

The schmig stepped up and organized a trip out to Goblin Valley and Little Wild Horse Canyon. I had not heard of either, but I am sure glad we went. Little Wild Horse is an easily accessible slot canyon cut through the San Rafael swell in south central Utah. There is a nice loop hike the exits out Bell Canyon, the next one over. It had rained heavily a few days earlier so there were some stretches of standing water in the narrows. There are also a dozen or so obstacles to get over/down along the way. We took it pretty easy and the hike lasted ~5hrs. The October weather was perfect, and earlier in the season, this would have been a scorcher.
Erica & Adam.

Rufus, Ollie, and a Schmig!

The puppy *LOVED* it and spent the days jumping in mud puddles and running back and forth "exploring" the canyon. He's gonna make a good trail dog for sure.

The Narrows.

More crazy rock features.

We ran in to our neighbor, Ben, half way through the hike.

The campsite on BLM land just outside Goblin Valley State Park.


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