Sunday, April 3, 2011

Arch Canyon. Utah 4WD Trip

Rolled out to Arch Canyon near Blanding, UT this weekend with our neighbors. The map claimed a 9 mile 4WD access road that travels up the wash. The entrance to Arch canyon is easily found and roughly 2 miles off of the pavement. Some water in the creek (April 2) but not enough to be an issue. The road is sandy, windy, and *NARROW*. Expect to pinstripe the paint on this one.

This is the top of the road where the BLM land and Manti-La Sal Forest intersect. The forest service does not permit vehicles beyond this point. There is one *very cool* campsite up here. There is not much established camping throughout the canyon. Being BLM land, leave-no-trace is permitted, but finding areas to pull vehicles clear of the road would be tricky.

Hank looking tough on the road. The road is sand and traverses the creek continually. Other than a mud hole at the bottom, and some tight dips where streams are crossed, it wasn't that bad of the drive. I was happy with the higher clearance that the 3.5" lift kit and 31's provided. There are a number of rock hazards that were much easier with the extra clearance.

Rock towers on the cliff face of the canyon.

Cathedral Arch

Porter cools off in the creek.

Corbet's Cruiser, Herman.

Angel Arch is a short hike from the end of the road.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun... did you say 'Howdy' to Sheriff Rosco out in the 20 MPH Blanding ticket zone? that guy is a great man, a great man.