Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moab, mid May.

Met up with old friends from Idaho in Moab last weekend. We found a campsite just north of the White Rim section of Canyonlands Natl Park. The view sucked.

They were rocking the "Brown Palace", we had the fortress of solitude (van). The previous evening, we had crashed the "Synchro Solstice" vanagon rally held at the Lone Cone group campground out on 313, Northwest of Moab. The FOS is an AWD Chevy Express cargo van, and we were shunned as Far-ners. I even tried to tell my joke about the FOS actually being our old 21-window Type-II microbus, but no love here for the air-cooled oldies. The punch line ran - "She'll never be a van again". Ho Ho! This was met with scorn. At one point, I needed to warm up, and went over to the group fire. The talk was of transmissions. I fled quickly. Fun in the Sun!

I think he liked it!!

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