Monday, November 21, 2011

Got Wood, pt 4 - the Finale.

Firewood came in late this year. Things to deal with prevented me from getting after it, then my saw broke. It's still broke after two weeks because the guys at Ted's Grand Rental Station apparently can't fix a 2-cycle engine. Take my advice and have your Husquavarna serviced elsewhere. Their repair tech works bankers hours and they never call to update. Not real keen on Ted's right now.
I was able to borrow Corbet's saw and took care of the slicing and dicing last Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, I was lucky to have the help of the Schmig, and a 28-ton splitter that I picked up from Southwest Ag out in Gem Village. They service Husky's and had I known that I might never see my saw again after bringing it to Ted's, I would have brought it there.

It took most of the day, but were all set for winter now.

The final pieces. We celebrated by watching the Vikes game. Erica cooked up a feast, and the hapless Vikes got schooled by the Pack on Monday night football. Stupid Vikes.

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Anonymous said...

Where'd ya git that Schmig?? How many HP is that model?