Monday, January 23, 2012

2011-12 NFL Regular Season Roundup

Phallus in Wonderland
With the Vikes struggling to the end, and following the tragic and completely uncalled for knee injury to Adrian Peterson, (truly saddening that this had to occur on the tail end of a failed season), I turned my attention to my backup team, Los Bronco's. Unless you live in a hole, the name Tim Tebow is not unbeknownst to you. Following a stunning victory over the stealer's in the wild card game, Tebow and the Pony's got their asses handed to them in the divisional playoff by New England. With Bronco's VP of Operations, John Elway, firmly on the Tebow train, it should be an interesting off season for the team. We will see how our boy, Tim, progresses over the summer when he takes the field at Mile High next season. In other news, the flatulent Pack managed to pooch their shot at a return to the big game, to the disappointment of some. I guess I would have liked to see them go, but after watching the Patriots last week and the Giants this week in the NFC Championship, I think they would have gotten beat down by the beast from the East. The big game is up in two weeks in Indy, and could be a good one if El Gigantes show up to play football. they looked like a regimented unit last night, but still only managed to squeak by the 9'ers by a hair. But 'round here, I'm looking to next year when the Purple headed warriors will be super bowel bound! Until then, Go Vikes!

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