Thursday, January 26, 2012

R.I.P Pat Morris - "Uncle Snack Crackers"

Boogie on, Pat!
 Tragic news out of Telluride. Long time fixture on the local scene, Pat Morris, passed away under sad circumstances last week. Known to some as the "Dancing Hippy" due to his propensity to get his boogie on during the Bluegrass festival, he was a constant source of energy at the show. More than ten years ago at the first Bluegrass Festival we attended, we noticed Pat on Sunday morning, as he was the only one standing and dancing during the opening set. A friend coined the name "Uncle Snack Crackers" for the exuberant Pat, and though it was never mentioned to him, the moniker stuck and was fondly recalled amongst a group of our friends many times in the last decade.

Since then, we have attended the festival many times, and were happy and excited to see him up front getting his groove on year in and year out. In fact, I became convinced, after years of observation, that this man and a small cadre of cohorts was actually a caretaker of the vibe in Town Park, and as guardian of this trust, had a hand in making sure that when energy ebbed, catalysts were brought to bear that would cause it to flow strong and free once more. Often, this was his ferocious right-armed jig and intensely staring eyes, moving rapidly through the dense crowd, defying all to deny the epic jam emanating from the PA, sweeping away the cobwebs of bad vibe as if the San Miguel were crashing through the audience, purifying and invigorating all in it's icy embrace.

Though I only conversed with him several times, the moments are fond memories. Anyone who can tell me four tales in a handful of minutes that all contain the phrase, "cause you know we were trippin", will certainly hold my attention and get a grin. We had already decided to skip this year's festival to spend time elsewhere this summer, and in a way, I am glad, as his absence would be like a hole in the crowd. According to the obituary, Pat's ashes were scattered above chair 9 a the resort. It wouldn't surprise me that if, when you're riding the chair, a faint chuckle is heard on the wind as it blows through the pines. That would be his style, passing along another good vibe.

The Pirate, Pat, and some dude up at Blues&Brews this past Summer (Yes, it snowed)

Rock it, Pat, wherever you may be.

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Kate Morris said...

Thank you for your amazing words and sharing these wonderful photos. This exuberant spirit was my dad and filled my heart with the song dancing through his soul.

Thank you again for sharing this with the world, his spirit graced us with a man that enjoyed life and gave his energy to us. May he dance on in our thoughts and when our feet hear a beat. - Kate

I would be so grateful if you could email these pictures to me ....