Monday, April 21, 2008

Bootleg KISS Vids from 1976!

YES! I spent the last 15 minutes of the day realizing that if I had seen this shit live in 1976, I too might have owned the entire 87 album strong KISS repetoire on cassette tape in the 80's. Dudes who had this in your collection - you know who you are. I bet they're are still tucked nicely into that briefcase style tape case as well, waiting for some night when you are home alone and feel like breaking out the old JVC dual-well deck for some Metal Madness! Yes! I know your thinking about firing up that old Lava Lamp that's in the basement somewhere, cracking a can of Natty Light, and turning on the Peter Criss Love song that brings back those memories of being 17 with... what was her name... oh yeah - Nikki. Remember when your hair was Awesome?! You could almost fly with those feathers. Oh man! And I won't even touch the Van Halen form of this mania....

Yeah - that was F'ing SWEET! How 'bout this next one.. WTF! Is he lip-synching?!?

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Tree said...

Kiss Effing ROCKS when they're not an air band!