Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The ManGroomer!

Ever wonder what constituted the "Beyond" product category at the renowned box store, "Bed, bath, and Beyond"? I'll admit, I was at a loss. then Erica got a catalog in the mail yesterday. Looking through it, she pinpointed this product as this month's loss leader in the "Beyond" product category. I bet it's absolutely *reeling* them in. It's called the "ManGroomer" - one word.
<-- Before treatment with the ManGroomer.

<-- After treatment with the Mangroomer.

If you click on the prodct link above, you will note that the ManGroomer can be added to a wedding registry list. Ouch. "Hey honey.... Did *you* add this to the registry list?" Ho Ho. And WHO would buy this sucker for someone's wedding? Can you imagine? "Ohh look Barry!! Tom & Linda got us a ManGroomer"! What do you say to that?

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