Monday, April 28, 2008

The fabeled JEEP HONCHO

I was talking about this truck over the weekend, and realized it was pretty rare. Apparently it was an upgrade package to the standard Jeep Gladiator pickup that was offered between 1976 - 1982. I believe this is also known as "The Dark Years" of the AMC motor company. In the picture below you can see more detail of the optional "Honcho" decal, popular amongst most owners of this vehicle. Not pictured is the factory installed C.B. unit in the cab.

This guy here owns hisself a honcho.

You can also see a video of some dude firing up his Honcho here. It's the sweetness.

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J said...

Yo - I think this truck was featured in the classic movie - Tremors with Kevin Bacon... The Honcho worktruck appears in the opening scenes and it's the shizz