Thursday, May 1, 2008

No love for the Tull.

A little known fact is that this blog, while also jiving with the sweet location of my house, is named after a lesser known Jethro Tull album. I know, I know... Tull is mostly played now-a-days by dudes like Lance while they are out smoking low grade weed and working on the never ending El camino restoration project in the garage. But click on the picture to the right and check out the groovy cover art. It is hard to make out, so you'll just have to stop by and check out the album.

Here's a video of the title track being performed live by the Tull at Golders Green Hippodrome 2-7-1977 .

Having seen that, you likely have no more questions about calling this blog "Songs from the Wood". It obviously rocks (I believe Lance's exact words were, "Dude - the Tull friggin' ROCKS dude!"). Which brings me the point of this post. Check out the add below that I clipped from the Denver Westword over the weekend. Aside from being stoked to have tickets for the Yonder/ Keller show on the 2nd (and stealth tickets to the Keller show the night before at the Fox!!!!) I noticed a sad thing. You will note the area I cicrled in red. IS THAT ALL THE LOVE THAT THE TULL GETS IN COLORADO?!?! Seriously - do they really want only 10 people there?

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