Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Bear with me here - I have some ground to cover. Ok - it started with this picture taken at an outdoor "consession" stand in Bejing... Note the Scorpion kabobs. Mmm - yummy.

So I decided to check out what my favorite Scorpions, namely THE SCORPS, were up to. In checking out the "history" section of their website, I ran across this picture of the Deutsche HEAVY ROCKERS from a tour they did in Japan, 1974. I figure the look they were after was a Rokcin' German interpretation of cutting edge hard-rock fashion, AND the Beatles Abby Road cover art - Like old meets new or something. Or maybe just, "Vie are zo cool, ve rock ze platform schue in Japan, Mensch!"

In looking at this craziness, I realized that I had NOT actually been wondering about the Scorps, but rather about the band Motorhead, and their ferocious guitar whiz from the album "Orgasmatron", Wurzel (pretend there is an umlaut over the U). So I jumped over to the history section of their page.

I quote the following from the site,

"1982: The guys begin the year by recording Iron Fist , which they produce themselves. The record sells well and they return to their natural habitat - the road. There is trouble in paradise, however, and Fast Eddie leaves the band during their second U.S. tour, not long after Lemmy records the Tammy Wynette song, "Stand By Your Man" with Wendy 0. Williams. To replace him, Motorhead enlists Brian "Robbo" Robertson from Thin Lizzy. They conquer Japan and re-conquer Europe.

Serious ROCK going on there. The rest of the page reads the same. I was *pumped* after getting through the sordid tales. This picture was the only drawback.

All I have to say is that his hair is either suffering a serious case of 80s-itius (do I wanna be a hard rocker, or do I wanna be in Van halen?), or cut back on the blow, dude.

Which brings me to the 'Surprise happy Ending'. I googled "Wurzel" to try and find a picture of the fool, and the following clip from YouTube came up of the band, "The Wurzel's", which was previously (and thankfully) unknown to me. They describe themselves as a "British Scrumpy and Western band". This is a genre of music that I hope died in its infancy. I warn you, the following footage is both vulgar AND disturbing. Not only for the confusing mix of Brit and American accents, but for the Lego-land setting of this obviously demented knock-off of the oft quoted, but deeply maligned German "Rock-programme", Hit Parade! That, and the song completely blows. Seriously, I showed that to Lance and the dude took a staggering swing at me. I think he'd been boozin' on the mickey's wide-mouths for a while though.

Update, 2:58pm: After dealing with my car loan company, I was in the mood a bit of the old ultra-violence.

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Tree said...

Holy shit! The wurzels suck! The lead singer dude looks strikingly similar to Mike Myers though....