Saturday, May 24, 2008

Springtime in the Rockies, pt. 2.

The follwoing photo's are in reverse order from last weekend to today. Here I am last Saturday setting posts for the fence around the freshly tilled garden.

Here's the garden getting some sunshine.

Me & Biss checking out his sweet new raft trailer. It's the back end of an old International Harvester - a classic. You'll note the extra styley ballcaps as well. Is that CAMMO?!

Friday Night (5/23)- It had Snowed all day.

Friends Dan & Lindy rockin' it with Erica last evening before dinner. Dan is playing a Tesla song with vengence on the classical guitar.

Saturday morning!! Aye!~ it's spring, right?

...And we were waiting to plant until after LAST FROST!!!!

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