Monday, May 5, 2008

Springtime in the Rockies.

Check it out!!! THE SNOW IS GONE!

Compare the photo to the right to the one here.

(Cilck on any of these to see a larger version).

Time to get out in the garage and get it cleaned up. What have we here?! Look a the Husquavarna in all its MAJESTY!

Here is a true treasure I found up in Alaska. BEHOLD, THE GOLDEN CARIBOU!! You may note its fine velveteen texture and nobel portrayal of the mystical "King of the Caribou".

Check out the gnarly plates from the AK that are prominantly displayed on the wall near the golden caribou. This is another kickasss feature of the garage.

On Sunday, we broke out the canoe for a quick trip over to the resevior. Looks pretty fine up on the Jeep, doesn't it?

Here's Erica out on the lake. The wind kicked up some, and the water is low, so it was more murky than usual. Pleanty of snow up on the hills just above us.

Yours truly, rockin' it.

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