Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brett favre - A purple-headed warrior?

As rumors fly, I just want to put this out there... Favre is a freaking genius. That whole tearful good bye last year was cleverly orchestrated to do two things. One: jerk a tear or two from every sucker-pac-fan out there. Two: convince the GM that he was out, and get a hug for it. Thus the Pac as forced to go sign a QB, and get on with it. Here's the genius - Favre gave it his all last season, and he knew afterwards that his weak and effeminate pac teammates were just not up to superbowl level. He stands to make 25 mil over the next two years, but a player of his stature can grab that AND a ring, if he had a team behind him. Knowing this, Favre plays out this drama over the last 6 months, and now, just as training camp is about to start, he thrusts his spear into the back of Green Bay by asking to play or be traded. HA! The Pac cannot play him, as it would shame every sucker who cried with him at his retirement / love-fest. The performance was that good. So now they need to go figure out what they can get for him, KNOWING that chances are he is going to a team that will contend for a ring (not like they'll make post season without him - so why worry, right?) Beautiful, isn't it? He gets a shot at Glory, more $$, and release from a team that he likely loves, but that had turned into a stone around his neck. buh-Bye little looser pac buddies! Ho Ho!

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