Friday, July 18, 2008

'63 Jeep Wagon W/ PLOW!

Yo Check it! This is Lance commin' at ya. Been a while since I rapped y'all, but I coulnd't help myself after I saw this little beauty listed on craigslist yesterday. Check it out Bro! A '63 Jeep WIT PLOW! Oh - yeah daddy. THis is one *SWEET* machine for sure! Solid steel axels, 'pumpkin-in-the-knuckle' 4 wheel drive... Man, I get excited just talking about this beauty.
It's up for grab's out a Harper's Repair here in D-Town. I'd take it off this dude's hands pronto, but I don't have the $2500 bones he's lookin' for. Screamin' deal on such a classic too!! Too bad my Honcho went tis up on me last time I had her out in the desert. Gotta drop a new tranny in that girl and get her back in business.

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