Sunday, July 13, 2008

Canoe Trip in the BWCA and Quetico.

After two days of driving to get up to Northern MN, we were pretty happy to be there.

The people that took this picture thought we didn't know what we were doing. HA! they turned back in the wind that day and we cruised down the lake in style. Actually, the winds were pretty strong and the white-caps were a little much. Aye~!

We were fresh out of "Bottle Bass" (no glass or cans in the wilderness), so I went to the lake, and caught some traditional Big Mouth. The next day we probably hooked 30 of them in 3 hours. Best fishing of my life.

Our canoe, the "Horny Toad", on Polaris Lake.

Cruising on a rainy day.

Despite the rain, I set a sweet fire of Cedar wood with help from my Axe and Saw. This was the buggiest day of the trip. The mosquito's were Alaska-Bad. This is also right after we came over the hateful "Knife Portage". This bastard was a half-mile of bugs, rocks, mud, blown-down trees, and brush. No one uses it, opting for the multiple short hops of the Grande Knife Portage instead. We pretty much bushwacked to get through it.

The only upshot to the Knife Portage was that we were upstream of Carp Lake in Knife lake, and could shoot most of the rapids that the Grande Knife Portgages go around. Instead of 5, we only had to get out of the boat twice (Waterfalls).

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