Monday, August 11, 2008

Chris Collinsworth is an asseater.

I got a message from my old boy "O" yesterday. He echoed my thoughts when I sat down saturday to watch some Olympics, and was stunned to see Chris Collinsworth announcing. C'mon, this is the guy who used to get weddgies from Dan Marino after the NFL today show. Honestly, the only aspect of the Olympics more underwhelming was Bob Costas' hair. This is the worst announcing line-up I have seen since someone pulled John Mcenroe and Billie Jean King for the US Open a few years back. Mcenroe had the personality of the Tin Man, and Bille Jean King seemed to be stoned on a solid mix of 'Tussen, Perc's, and Southern Comfort. Truly terrible commentators.

But back to our boy Collinsworth. Didn't this dude get the boot from the NFL for being too boring? Hey, I know, let's tap him for the biggest sporting event of the year, and inflict his sneer up millions of innocent American's for two weeks straight. I hope whoever made that decision is in Beijing, and is drinking coca-cola with PLENTY of peepee in it.

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